Retain More Length And Have Fuller Hair With 4 Simple Steps!

For most naturals, our goal is to have longer, thicker hair....right? We buy all types of products that we can use to enhance our hair growth and yes, while certain ingredients in the products may indeed contribute to hair growth; there is one thing that we all do that is preventing us from achieving optimal length retention and that thing is Over Detangling (too much manipulation). Most naturals wash routine goes something like this- wet hair in sections, apply a cheap conditioner to detangle and pull out shredded hair, maybe pre-poo, then shampoo, then deep condition and detangle, then use a regular conditioner to follow and slightly detangle again. After your done washing and conditioning you put in you leave-in conditioner and do what, detangle again. Mind you, you still have to style. All the while you are losing hair due to breakage in each step because your hair is its weakest when it's wet. 


Step 1- Start off by parting you hair in large sections and make some chunky twists (WITHOUT DETANGLING).

Step 2- Apply shampoo to the scalp and use the pads of your fingers to gently clean your scalp. The residue of the shampoo will run down the length of your hair cleansing your hair (repeat if necessary).

Step 3- Next, apply your deep conditioner, preferably For.ti.fy'd Naturals Reconstructing Deep Conditioner, ensuring that you have saturated each twist then cover with a plastic cap for 15-20 minutes allowing it to absorb into each strand to hydrate, strengthen and repair any damage.

Step 4- Right before rinsing is when you will detangle. Your hair will be so soft that the comb will glide right through it and all that will come out is your shed hair.

You will certainly notice the difference in the amount of hair loss when compared to your regular routine. Besides keeping more hair on your head, you will save tons of time and also use much less product which really only causes build up preventing other products from penetrating your cuticles anyway.  It's an uncommon method but it works like a charm. Additionally, you'll be saving money by not having to buy additional products for the steps you have eliminated. Let's be honest, if you have to add additional ingredients to a conditioner in order for it to work then it isn't the right product for your hair. 

Be sure to check out For.ti.fy'd Naturals products to help you on your journey! 

Ok dolls.....Until next time, stay beautiful!



I followed these steps after my hair was up in a protective style for almost 3 weeks. I couldn’t believe it!! When I detangled just before rinsing out the conditioner the amount of shed hair that came out was equivalent to what I see when I would wash and detanlge once a week on dry before starting to wash. This will be my routine going foward. Maybe I’ll reach bra strap goallength in a year. Super excited.

Keasha Osborne December 07, 2018

I absolutely love your products, my hair has not felt so smooth in like for EVER! My hair has some color damage and some how it seems your deep treatment has reconstructed those parts. My hair is alive again! This will be my new staple set, Thanks.

Alpharetta GA

Sandra August 14, 2015

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