For me, “going natural” was completely circumstantial. After deciding to leave a career as a Financial Analyst at MTV Networks; feeling unfulfilled and searching for purpose; I moved from New York to Johns Creek, GA for a career change, to start nursing school. At the time, I had just given birth and hadn’t relaxed my hair throughout my pregnancy. The neighborhood I lived in at the time happened to be predominantly occupied by Caucasians so there were no salons that were able to do my hair. I found myself driving 40 minutes each way to get products for Ethnic hair, just for none of them to work. My hair was dry, my scalp was completely irritated and my hair was now falling out. I watched my once beautiful hair fall out simply because it was now in it’s natural state and I couldn’t find any products to work and I was devastating.

I was at a point in my life where I was determined to finish everything I started simply in an effort to set an example for my children so giving up on my journey was not an option for me. I had to figure out why none of these products were working.

Because I was now studying science, I used this knowledge to conduct an in-depth study of the ingredients in all of the products I was using and discovered that the majority of them were film forming (leaving behind a residue known as product build up, preventing penetration), and actually had no potential to enter the hair strand at all based on their molecular structures; but what was worse was the hazard score on many of the ingredients.  The toxicity levels were frightening.  The side effects of using some of these ingredients over an extended period could lead to retina deterioration (loss of eye sight), nerve damage, cell damage and more.  Because hair is the second fastest growing cell on the body, an ingredient damaging the cell would lead to stunted hair growth, bald spots and even worse, alopecia.

At that moment I knew that in order for a product to work exceptionally well, the molecules of the ingredients used had to have the ability to enter the structure of the hair strand and also not leave any build up behind. This is when I discovered the difference between moisture and hydration.  In addition I knew that I wanted to use clean ingredients that were not just safe for me but for my children as well. I also knew that each product needed to work for all hair types and this was how Fortify’d Naturals was born.

I was determined to create truly natural, vegan certified formulas that actually penetrate the hair strand down to the cortex, leaving hair Soft, Shiny and Defined without having to constantly apply more product. I wanted to create a freeing experience for all that used my products; the kind of experience I wanted for myself. More importantly, I needed to ensure that each formula was nutrient rich and build up free allowing each of them to become absorbed into the follicle resulting in the accelerated growth you all have now grown to love over the years with Fortify’d Naturals Products.

Thank you all for believing in my vision to change the game in the natural hair care industry, because we all deserve to have a beautiful head of hair as our crown!

When it comes to Hair Care, No One Does Hydration Like Fortify’d Naturals