Curls To Die For!

It's been a while since our last post but we had to bring you this vital information. As we move along in this Natural Hair Journey, one of the most common thing we notice is women on a hunt to achieve the perfect curl. This led me to researching some ingredients. What I found not only stopped me in my tracks but also gave me quite a fright.

Many of the ingredients were found to be highly hazardous resulting in illnesses from Cancer to Kidney Failure. One ingredient, however, stood out to me in a major way. This ingredient is Methylisothiazolinone, which is a strong preservative widely used in personal care products, not limited to hair care. In fact, I was actually able to find it in a few personal care products I have in my own home. 

Methylisothiazolinone is known to cause Cell Damage, Nerve Damage and is also an Irritant when used in high concentrations. This led me to think about all the women using products containing this particular ingredient to refresh wash and go's on a daily basis. This would mean that the concentration of this ingredient quickly accumulates with each use. I then thought about the many women who complain about their lack of hair growth. 

One very important fact to know about hair is that it is the fastest growing cell in your body, which is why people undergoing Chemotherapy lose their hair, as Chemotherapy is designed to attack rapidly growing cells, but let's stay on topic. If Methylisothiazolinone is damaging cells, could this be why so many women don't see the amount of hair growth as they should? Could this cell damage be the culprit for hair loss? Most likely so!

The most disturbing part is that we are doing it to ourselves. Ladies, let's be smarter about what we expose ourselves to. It is said that when we know better we do better. Challenge yourself to look at the ingredient list on the items that you purchase and ask yourself, would I use this on my children? If the answer is no, then put it down.

Are you willing to die for the perfect curl? I would hope not. 

Yes, having beautiful hair is very important but it can be achieved using products with natural ingredients. At For.ti.fy'd Naturals, we pride ourselves on providing you with highly effective products using natural ingredients. In fact, the preservative used in our products is Wholefoods certified, combats hard water and is safe.

Food For Thought: The Opposite of Natural is Un-Natural

Looking for the perfect curl? Do you need amazing style definition? Try For.ti.fy'd Naturals Intense Hydrating Potion. Not only will it give you amazing curls and beautiful definition but it will also give you instant hydration and help prevent breakage. Trust, it will not disappoint!!!


Ok Dolls, until next time.....Stay Beautiful!


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This is great information…and scary. I’m going to go through my products and pray that I don’t find anything. Stay blessed.

Haizel April 04, 2015

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