Identifying REAL Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

In an effort to get each of you to your optimal hair health and growth potential, it's important to shed light on things that can possibly be a hinderance. Now, we all already know that Shea Butter is a staple in most naturals hair regimen. But is what you're using really Shea Butter? I grew up knowing Shea Butter to be yellow and hard with a gritty texture. What I found as an adult is that the butter I just described isn't Shea Butter after all, it's actually African Butter. Although they have similar properties, they are not even from the same tree. So, where did this confusion or misleading information come from? The answer is simple, Europeans and Western marketing strategies to accommodate the high demand for Shea Butter. The idea was to make the consumer believe that the color of Shea butter was yellow so that if supplies ran low they could easily substitute it with African butter and YOU, the consumer, would be none the wiser. What this means is that ACTUAL Shea butter is sometimes sold with a yellow dye and additives so that the consumer will not be able to distinguish the difference. The issue with this is, those additives diminish the benefits of the Shea Butter. It may still have the softening effect however, the vitamins, minerals and healing power is diminished. Needless to say, it can not be called organic.

REAL Raw Shea Butter is naturally ivory or even sometimes grayish in color (not white). Its texture is somewhat creamy/pasty. It contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A and E as well as fatty acids. Because of the nutrients it possesses, it's actually great in promoting hair growth. It is also extremely moisturizing and has anti-inflammatory and also anti-aging properties. 

So, the next time you decide to purchase Shea Butter, be sure that it's really Shea Butter that you're getting, otherwise you're getting ripped off and not getting the full benefits of a really great ingredient that can improve your hair health and increase your hairs length.  

Fortify'd Naturals ONLY uses 100% Organic Raw Shea Butter from Ghana in all of our products!!!! 

Ok dolls, until next time....stay beautiful!


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