As we embark upon a new year, it's time to get serious and get our hair to the lengths that we desire for it to be. With that said, we need to address the issue from the root.....the scalp.

So often many of us deal with scalp conditions that may be hindering our hairs growth potential, feeling as though there isn't anything you can do about it. The truth is, there's actually a possibility that we ourselves contribute to these ongoing conditions, dandruff being the most common.

Did you know that the fungus that is most commonly the cause of Dandruff is called 'Malassezia'? Did you know that this fungus lives in our scalps ALL the time? In fact, this yeast like fungus, when  overgrown will feed on the sebum, the wax that naturally secretes from our scalp, resulting in a rapid death of cells. At this point the body's natural defense is to create more sebum which then attaches to the dead cells. This results in the flakes and irritation we know as dandruff

We often try to remedy dandruff by shampooing more frequently; most often with shampoos that are too harsh for our scalp. Alternatively, we may add heavy petroleum based products to our scalps or we may scrub our scalp, either with our nails or a scalp brush. By doing these things we are actually worsening the problem. By over shampooing with harsh chemical based shampoos causes the body once again produce more sebum in an effort to rebalance itself, which gives the fungus more to feed on thus causing the rapid death of cells. Heavy petroleum based products actually clog the pores causing the same effect as over shampooing. Scratching the scalp either with finger nails or scalp brush is even worse because, if using your nails, you are introducing new bacteria to an already infected and irritated scalp; even with a brush, you are throwing off your scalps balance.

How Do We EFFECTIVELY Treat The Problem

  • One of the first things you can do is try not to shampoo more frequently than every 7-10 days.
  • Shampoo with very mild soaps, black soap is a great choice.
  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar to rebalance your hair and scalps PH  after washing (1 part ACV in 2 parts water)
  • Avoid petroleum based products, rather use Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil (and others) or products containing them which have anti-fungal or antibacterial properties which will help combat the reoccurrence of dandruff.
  • DO NOT SCRATCH YOUR SCALP. Be gentle with you scalp. While washing, gently use the pads of your finger tips to massage the scalp. This should also be done when the scalp is itching.

Did you know that all of our products have ingredients in them that help combat dandruff and also relieve the irritation as a result of dandruff.

Try our Hydrating Leave In which is formulated to create and maintain a sanitary environment for optimal scalp health which will result in faster hair growth as it hydrates your hair and scalp naturally.

Also try our Growth Enhancing Moisture Therapy; enriched with Chamomile Flower extract which aids in relieving irritated, itchy scalp while also having other extracts that stimulate hair growth, like Linden Flower Extract and MSM powder.

We hope that you will use this information to help you along in your hair journey in this new year.

Until next time Dolls.......Stay Beautiful!!!

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