Over Conditioning

We are so glad to be a part of your hair journey. We work tirelessly to create products with ingredients that truly nourish and moisturize your hair allowing you to achieve your optimal growth and length retention. 

Because your hair health is our priority we will periodically post tips, valuable information and yes, product discounts that will aid in your journey. We realize that one of the biggest issues naturals have with their hair is a lack of knowledge, after all, for some this is the first time experiencing your natural hair. While it does take some patience, with knowledge and really good products you will be well on your way to your healthiest, flourishing head of hair.

Hair Tip of the Day- Do Not Over Condition Your Hair!

Over conditioning is something that many naturals do on a regular and consistent basis, thinking that it's the best way to get the moisture that their hair needs. This couldn't be further from the truth. A good conditioner will be worth the money you pay for it and should do its job within 15-25 minutes tops. Leaving your conditioner in much longer than that can and will eventually cause the weakening of the strand which can result in breakage. Our hair is made of protein. When we over condition our hair loses protein causing you to have spend more money to get a protein treatment to replenish the loss. And that's definitely not our goal, is it? So the next time you find yourself considering leaving your conditioner in for a long period of time, think twice. Besides, wash day should not consist of an entire day of conditioning. 


Stay beautiful dolls......until next time.

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